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IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Lloyds Loan Prescriptions

 UPDATE - Lloyds Loan

All prescriptions were handed across at 9:30am on Monday 15th November, so if your preference is for your prescription to be sent to Lloyds Loan and unless you notified us otherwise, then your medication should be collected directly from the pharmacy, there is no need to collect your prescription from the surgery first now.

Please remember that a lead time will be involved in picking up your script at Lloyds. They have received an exceptionally large volume of prescriptions from us this morning, so if you can, please leave 7 days before pick up.

Patient Services Prescriptions

When you order any prescription through your patient services account, it will still be sent to the pharmacy which you have noted as your preference or if you have notified us that you wish for your preference to be surgery pick up then this will also remain.

You are free to change your preferences around prescription pick up at any time.


50-59 years only -If you don’t yet have an appointment for your Covid booster – there is spare capacity in Edinburgh up to 13th December – particularly at the Lowland Hall at Ingleston.

You will NOT be sent a letter – either book via the national website (NHSInform.scot) or helpline (0800 030 8013).

At time of appointment, you need to ensure there is a gap of 24 weeks/168days since your second COVID vaccination. You will also be offered a flu vaccination when you attend.


We are changing our system for requesting prescriptions, the last day for using web ordering and email requests will be FRIDAY 31st DECEMBER. We have extended this by a month to allow remaining patients to make this change.


To give patients a secure way to directly access their repeat prescriptions and to keep our paper use to a minimum we are switching to Patient Services prescription ordering ONLY.


Web ordering will be removed and email requests will no longer be accepted. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR A PATIENT SERVICES ACCOUNT IF YOU WISH TO CONTINUE ORDERING ELECTRONICALLY.


🔸Many of our patients already use this service and find it to be a highly effective and simpler way of ordering medication.


🔸For patients WHO DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A COMPUTER please submit the tear-off slip from the printed prescription or submit your request in writing including your name and date of birth. You can post this to us or drop through the surgery letter box. Another option for requesting prescriptions is to speak with your community pharmacy about their Managed Prescription Service.


🔸For patients applying for an account who are under the age of 16, if the child is deemed to have capacity (they are competently able to make their own decisions) then they will be required to have an individual email address. Young children and those not deemed to have capacity can be linked to a parent account. 


🔸All patients above the age of 16 must have their own individual email address to apply for a Patient Services. We CANNOT process your application with a joint email address. These provisions are in place in order to comply with GDPR regulations.


To register for this online service:


Please click this link -Patient Services Registration Form


Please print and complete the Patient Services Registration Form and either hand into reception or scan and email to clinical.s78171@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk adding 'Patient Services' to the subject line of your email.


Forms are available from the Reception if you do not have a printer.


Upon receipt we will create an online account for this more accessible, accurate and convenient prescription ordering service and a set-up letter will be emailed to the email address provided on the submitted form. (Please note when sending personal data via an unencrypted email this is unsecure and could expose you to a data breach.)


Upon registering for a patient services account you will receive an authentification code via email from 'Vision Online', this may go in to your junk folder so be sure to check.


* * * Please note: if opening Patient Registration form on a mobile phone then please SAVE document then OPEN - if opened before saving there is a loss of text within the form.

Pre-bookable Appointments

We are now offering pre-bookable appointments up to 6 weeks ahead. This allows you to plan routine appointments in advance.
Please ensure if you cannot make your appointment for any reason that you call us to cancel, so that we can then offer your appointment to another patient.

Mental Health Nurse

We have a new mental health nurse, Lynne Francis (BSc Hons RMN).

Lynne can help patients aged 18-65 with mental health conditions including depression, low mood, anxiety and stress. She is also able to offer psycho-education around various mental health conditions, brief therapeutic interventions and general wellbeing advice.

If your problem relates to any of the above please make an appointment with Lynne.



Even though restrictions have now been mainly lifted in Scotland, the requirement for 2 metre physical distancing has remained in health care settings. This helps us to protect the most vulnerable in our community.

We have had a lot of queries this week about how we will be operating.  We await further guidance from NHS Lothian and the Scottish Government on this.

Our doors are open and have been for many months. We are still operating at full capacity and the demand is higher than ever for appointments at this time.

In order to help us maintain the 2 metre distancing requirement, we are still offering phone and video calls in the first instance for the majority of health concerns. But please rest assured that if you are required to be seen face to face then the clinician will arrange this.

There are no plans to return to the drop in surgery format in the future. We have found that common drop in appointment concerns can be dealt with effectively in other ways without a visit to the surgery being required.

We are also trying to simplify our prescription ordering service in line with this. We will be phasing out email and website ordering and using only our Patient Services ordering service. This is a more accurate and effective way for you to order your prescriptions. Please see the information on the Facebook post and Prescriptions page on this website for further detail on this. Thank you to all the patients who have already signed up for this.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our patients for the support over the past 18 months. We have worked hard to serve our community throughout these challenging times and will continue to do so.


The Scottish Government requires General Practice and other healthcare settings to have different infection control and physical distancing guidance to other places such as hospitality and shops.

This is to help reduce the risk to practice staff and to people attending the practice who may be at greater risk if they catch Covid 19.

From 19 July 2021 (when we go to Level 0) the following rules still apply in General Practice:

  •  wearing of face coverings by patients and the public (unless you are exempt)
  •  physical distancing of 2 metres in waiting rooms
  •  contact your practice by telephone in the first instance
  •  wearing of PPE by staff
  •  screening of all patients for Covid 19 symptoms

Please support your local practice team by complying with this guidance.


* * *We now respectfully ask that you change to one of the medical fluid resistant medical grade masks upon entering the surgery if you are attending for a face-to-face appointment. * * *

These are available at main reception. Please sanitise your hands with the sanitiser provided before picking up and changing your mask.

These masks provide far more effective protection for both you and our staff than fabric face coverings.

We thank you for you co-operation with this and your help in keeping our community safe.


We would like to reassure our patients that the proposed extraction of GP data by NHS Digital does NOT include any patients registered with this practice or in NHS Scotland.


NHS Digital provide services in England so are not able to access any data held in Scotland. You are not required to opt out as your data is already safe. We take patient confidentiality extremely seriously and safeguards are in place to protect this, including when data is used for research.


Further information on how NHS Scotland handles your personal information is on the NHS Inform website: How NHS Scotland handles your personal data.

Organ Donation Legislation Changes 26 March 2021

The law is changing to an opt-out system, also known as deemed authorisation. Members of the public who do not wish to be considered as a donor should opt-out, either on the organ donor register or in another form of writing. For further information please click on the link below: https://www.organdonationscotland.org/