The above online prescription ordering system is different from our PATIENT SERVICES process and will be terminated on 31st December 2021. 

If you regularly use the 'website online' ordering system please complete the form below to register for our Patient Services prescription ordering service.

Patient Services Registration Form - complete and submit the form. 


Once we have processed the form a letter from MyVisionOnline will be sent to the email address given on the submitted form. This may appear in either the 'inbox' or 'spam' mail - please check both and follow the instructions on the letter.  Please do not submit another form if you have already done so.  Sending another form will generate another letter and this cancels the information created by the first form and resets the Patient Services account.


Paper forms are available from the Reception. 


Please note this service is for requesting prescriptions only.  Viewing your medical record or booking/cancelling appointments is not currently available in Scotland although it is indicated as part of the service on the Patient Services website.


🔸For parents applying for a Patient Services Account for a child aged 12-15, if the child is deemed to have capacity (they are competently able to make their own decisions) then they will be required to have an individual email address.  Young children and those not deemed to have capacity can be linked to a parent email address.


🔸All patients above 16+ must have their own individual email address to apply for a Patient Services. We CANNOT process your application with a joint email address. These provisions are in place in order to comply with GDPR regulations.


Please visit Patient Services - Patient Help Centre for detailed information on the services available, printable guides, Frequently Asked Questions and video tutorials.  Please note this service is for requesting prescriptions only.


Same Day Prescriptions

We are inundated with requests for same day prescriptions for regular repeat medications.

Unfortunately we find that often these prescriptions are then not picked up until several days later or sometimes not at all.

Same day requests for regular prescriptions will require to be picked up from the surgery no earlier than 5:30pm and you will be requested to fill out a form before receiving your prescription. This will help us to monitor patients who are regularly requesting same day prescriptions.

It is the responsibility of the patient to re-order their medications with enough time BEFORE they run out.  

Repeat Prescriptions

We are changing our system for requesting prescriptions - PLEASE SIGN UP FOR A PATIENT SERVICES ACCOUNT IF YOU WISH TO CONTINUE ORDERING ELECTRONICALLY - Patient Services Registration Form.


For patients WHO DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A COMPUTER please submit the tear-off slip from the printed prescription or submit your request in writing including your name and date of birth. You can post this to us or drop through the surgery letter box. Another option for requesting prescriptions is to speak with your community pharmacy about their Managed Prescription Service.


Email Prescriptions

We are phasing out this method of requesting prescriptions AS OF FRIDAY 31ST DECEMBER.  Please apply for a Patient Services account as mentioned above to continue ordering your medication electronically.

Patient Services Registration Form